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Wood Artworks carved
with the energy of the Sun.

Artisti del Sole welcome you and wish you a pleasant journey inside their art gallery web site where you are able to watch their wood artworks, pyrography works and eventually buy them.

Artisti del Sole is a group of 3 artists who love to carve and decorate wood using concentrated sunlight by the mean of a crystal lens. "The Sunlight Carving technique", like they called it, gives some fascinating results. The artworks (bas-relief, sculptures) are full of expressive power and rich of natural energy, condensed in hours of patient and costant exposition of the wood to concentrated sunlight.

Artisti del Sole formed in the spring of 2003 in Tuscany, near Florence (Italy). They used to practise in a beautiful wood, crossed by a stream Rio Buti, on the southern hills of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. There they could enjoy the beauty of the nature and the power of the Sun, away from the caos and noise of the city.

Their lives are based on complete respect and love for any aspect of nature and the trial for self-realisation.

Artisti del Sole do not follow any particular religion or esoteric school. They know pretty well the natural world, love to play music and look forward to live in a simple way, away from stressing and conditioning elements of modern life in the cities.

Artisti del Sole consider the earth as a mother, they love to work in isolated places and follow a simple lifestyle based on freedom and respect.

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