Pyrography woodburning.

The pyrography (from ancient greek: writing with fire) is old like the man. Probably it is one of the most ancient and primitive forms of artistic expression that the man has known. Anyway no evidence survived untill now to confirm this theory. Pyrography, unlike painting or sculpture, has been superficially classified like a minor art and mainly used for decoration of handcrafted musical instruments or domestic tools.

Amongs the most common archelogical founds related to pyrography are dried decorated pumpkins, used like pots and vassels. We think that the fire writing was being practiced by several ancient cultures. Egypt and other African cultures are among them. In the opinion of Kathleen Menendez, of "The Pyrographic art museum", the most ancient example of pyrography is a pot, decorated with flowers and hummingbirds, found in PerĂ¹, probably one of the places where pyrography was born.

Pyrography can be described as the traditional art to draw burning the surface of natural supports, like wood or leather. Using this technique we can create a vast array of natural tones and fine effects, giving, as final result, an image whose colours vary from sepia to deep black. The pyrographic draw act must be calm, constant and firm, not too slow, to avoid the burning point to ruin the support, neither too fast, because otherwise the material won't be burned. Once the drawn is done it can be enriched using some colours to give special effects or to show up some detail. Modern Pyrogrphy is done using and instrument calleed pyrography. This is made of a pen, where several different kind of points can be attached and a transformer to regulate the power used to heat the burning point.

preview pyrography wood artworks

preview of one of the oldest pyrography decoration
Pot decorated
with flowers and hummingbirds.

(An ancient example of pyrography).

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angle view of pyrography heated object

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top view of pyrography heated object
Pyrography front panel.

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