Sunlight Carving technique.

The Sunlight Carving technique was born from the passion to handwork with wood and the love to experience a new and original carving method. In the beginning this technique was used on several kinds of wood, everyone giving a very different result. It cames out that the use of hard wood, like Olive wood and some exotic ones, gives the best results, cause the carving is smooth and precise.

Artisti del Sole use mainly Olive wood because of his extreme consistence, the beautiful veins lanscapes and the very long lastings in the centuries.

During the years Artisti del Sole improved this technique, collecting several magnifying glasses of different sizes, everyone capable of a unique woodcarving effect.

The Sunlight Carving technique is a wood carving technique that uses the light of the Sun going through a crystal lens to produce an extremely hot micropoint of light able to slightly carve the wood. Concentration, patience and the power of the Sun fill these artworks of positive energy and them to last very long in the time. Results like these cannot be obtained in any other way.

Every single work is done using raw materials carefully selected by hands in nature transformed in the most suitable shape and dimension.

Using the Sunlight Carving technique Artisti del Sole create mistic and good looking works, infused with remarkable powerful sun energy, whom irradiate a mysterious fascination.

Video - Sunlight Carving technique.

preview sunlight carving working tools
Sunlight Carving working tools

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preview sunlight carving biggest lens
Our biggest lens.

(24 cm diameter).

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